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Our Projects

Warehouse and Office

Warehouse and Office
  • Location : Albany
  • Council : Auckland

The proposal is to establish a warehouse of 1500m2 with office of 615m2, a total of 2100m2; associated with parking, loading and landscape areas. 



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3rd Dwelling and 3 lot Subdivision

3rd Dwelling and 3 lot Subdivision
  • Location : Melville
  • Council : Hamilton City

3 Lot Subdivision on State Highway:

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Restaurant and Pub

Restaurant and Pub
  • Location : Cambridge
  • Council : Waipa

The Proposal

The proposal is to redevelop the existing ‘pink church’ building and site for the ‘Good George’ restaurant and craft beer hall with attached garden bar.


The proposal will include the following activities:

·      alterations to the internal layout of the building (445m2) and the front façade of the building along Victoria Street; 

·      painting of the building; 

·      the removal of car parking on the northern portion of the site to provide an outdoor bar 
area (180m2); 

·      the closing of the northern vehicle access to the site from Victoria Streetwith pedestrian access into the garden only; 

·      the creation of angle parking along Victoria Street; and 

·      anticipating 150 in garden bar 100 in mezzanine and 150 down stairs. So worst case 400 all up

·      It is noted no brewing will occur onsite.

·      The proposal will retain the existing easement along the southern boundary of the site which currently provides access for the site and the adjoining property (BP). 

·      Ten cycle stands are included within the development, as well as an additional area set aside for cycle parking and a second area set aside for motorcycle parking. These facilities will be accessed from Whitaker Street.

·      The sign will:

(a)  Provide a clear message;

(b)  Use well defined graphics and colours; and

(c)  The existing location and size on the building will be the same.

·      Roof is colour steel product called “slate”

·      Body of building is “soapstone” and “soft pink”. Both from the “Resene” Heritage Collection. 

·      In total there will 25-30 staff (a lot of part timers) so 15 FTE across 6 or 7 days may not open initially on Mondays.

Each service shift will have approx.:

12-2pm lunch 5 -7 employees

5-9pm dinner 9-12 employees

Outside of these hours it will be down to 3-5 employees as Food will be snack food only. No breakfasts.

Cambridge Historical Societyhas been consulted during the process so far and their input on colour and design have been taken into account.


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