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Ultimate Global Builders - Hamilton
Ultimate Global Builders

"Ultimate Global Builders would like to thank Gulab and his team for such a seamless and straightforward process, I am sure this comes with years of experience and getting the right advice and direction from Gulab to get a Resource Consent processed in such a timely manner."

Shannon Walsh - Director: Clearmont Media Ltd
Shannon Walsh
Gulab Bilimoria recently assisted us with the preparation, submission and successful outcome for a resource consent to develop a new digital billboard in Hamilton.
He has a non-nonsense but friendly manner and was very helpful and professional throughout the process with thoughtful advice and clear direction at all times. He gave us great confidence throughout and coordinated specialist consultants on our behalf when they were required.
I highly recommend Gulab if you are after a highly competent and effective Planner.
Yours sincerely,
Shannon Walsh
Clearmont Media Ltd
Andrew Bydder - Registered Architect
Andrew Bydder

I have worked with Gulab for 20 years. His experience is extremely valuable.

Ian McHarg - Agent
Ian McHarg

Bilimoria Consulting have provided to my clients the advice that is so valuable to approach both simple and complex planning issues. Gulab has a strong track record working within the Council environment, and now currently as a private consultant. He will give you the advice that is critical to getting a positive result.

Ewan Wilson - Director
Ewan Wilson

The bottom line is when it comes to planning issues you want the very best, from my experience - Gulab is the best.