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14-Unit Industrial Building

To construct a 14-Unit industrial building which includes a Veterinary Clinic, to undertake associated site works including earthworks over the entire site area of 1.13ha, involving the deposition of 8,895m3 of cleanfill, required to form a level building platform and onsite parking/loading and manoeuvring areas. Establishment of two vehicle crossings from a site subject to a Vehicle Access Restriction (VAR) is also proposed, which will have a formed width of 10.2m each. The units are primarily noted as trade supply, a permitted activity subject to AUP OP definition and food and beverage, as a permitted activity to a maximum of 120m2 floor areas per site.

The establishment of a veterinary clinic will not give rise to significant reverse sensitivity effects in this instance, in consideration of the surrounding residential, special purpose and business – mixed use/general business zoning, where a higher expectation of amenity effects can be anticipated. In that context, it is considered unlikely that any activities existing or establishing within the surrounding environment would be particularly sensitive to the effects of a veterinary clinic. 

Clear sightlines are available for traffic entering and exiting the site and the use of separate entry/exit access and the restriction of left-hand turns only by vehicles exiting the site through the installation of a median strip parallel to the road frontage of the site, will sufficiently mitigate the increased traffic onto an arterial road.