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2 Duplex Buildings & Subdivision at Insoll

The size and scale of the duplex dwellings will have no material effects on the existing streetscape amenity.  The shape and form of the duplex dwelling will be comparable to existing duplex dwellings as anticipated in the General Residential Zone.

The outdoor living areas are sufficiently sized and located to ensure that they will provide good onsite amenity for future occupiers.

The proposed service areas are sufficiently large enough to accommodate external clothes drying for laundry purposes and leave space for outdoor rubbish and recycling storage.

Formation of the right of way, vehicle crossings, parking and manoeuvring areas allows for all-weather use and helps to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties.          

The Engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.

Designing and implementing a system for the treatment and management of stormwater runoff will ensure that people and properties are protected, and ecological values preserved.

The proposed earthworks associated with the construction works are expected to be short term and not create any dust nuisance. Conditions of consent including sediment and erosion control measures will adequately control any potential erosion, dust nuisance, runoff and sedimentation from the site.

The proposed development is sustainable and any adverse effects created from the application are acceptable. Overall the proposal is consistent with the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act.