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2 Lot Rural Subdivision at Tamahere

The actual and potential effects created by the proposal are acceptable for the following reasons:

  • The proposal will not result in any traffic conflict potential with road users as confirmed by Councils Land Development Engineer.
  • The proposal will allow for future residential opportunity.
  • Overall compliance with the bulk of the objectives, policies and rules of the District Plan is achieved.

The proposal is consistent with the objectives and policies of the Operative District Plan and the Proposed Waikato District Plan – Decisions Version.

The subdivision meets the provisions of section 106 of the RMA because legal and physical access is provided for, and the applicant has addressed the risks of natural hazards through design and mitigation measures proposed.

The proposal is consistent with the operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement, and all other relevant matters.

Overall, the proposal meets the purpose (section 5) and principles (sections 6-8) of the Resource Management Act 1991.