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3 Duplexes at Chartwell

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout:

The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for intensified residential development within the General Residential Zone, wherein such patterns of development are anticipated and provided for. The site is large enough to comfortably accommodate the duplexes, including outdoor space requirements, without resulting in a crowded or overdeveloped appearance. The design of the buildings provides an attractive modern design, with articulation to the façade and multiple building materials and colours used. This creates visual interest and presents an improvement to the visual amenity of the streetscape. Compliance with the submitted plans will achieve a development that will maintain residential amenity values.

Three Waters Infrastructure:

The proposal has demonstrated how efficient use will be made of water and how stormwater will be managed to avoid adverse effects on existing infrastructure and on the wider environment. Connections will be required to the public water and wastewater reticulation network and engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater (soakage and detention tank) will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.


The vehicle crossings are proposed in locations that provide a good level of separation between them as well as the adjacent sites, which presents a good level of visual amenity for the street. Also the straight alignment of the street allows sufficient visibility in each direction at the frontage and the crossings are considered to be safe and practical locations for access.