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A Duplex in Nawton

The application is to construct a two storey Duplex Dwelling with each unit containing the following:

Ground Floor

Open Plan living, dining and kitchen, a toilet and a single car garage.


First Floor

Three bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Access to the floor is via a set of shares.

Each unit will have a net site area of 200m2


One car park for each unit is external.

Access to the site is via the existing shared Right of Way located on the eastern boundary of the site.


The proposal provides a high level of on-site and off-site amenity. The proposal has adequate indoor and outdoor living space which will have access to sunlight and be useable throughout the year. Compliance with the density, height, height control planes, combined with practical and accessible outdoor living and service areas ensures there is visibility around the dwelling which contributes to a high level of amenity when the property is viewed from the street or by the owners and occupiers of the adjacent properties.

The engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed. Examination of the engineering plans and auditing of the works will allow Council to confirm that the engineering aspects of the works have been satisfactorily completed.


Formation of the access, parking and manoeuvring areas allows for all-weather use and helps to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties.