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A Duplex in Rototuna

The proposal involves a duplex dwelling to be constructed onsite. The duplex is a single storey building, containing two residential units with three bedrooms each, in a mirrored floor layout. Each unit has a gross floor area of 112m2. Both units are provided with two car parking spaces, with one in a single garage and one in the driveway. A 1.8m high screening fence is provided between the two vehicle parking spaces in the driveway. The proposal also includes soakage pits as an ‘on-site’ water efficiency measure as required by the record of title.

The built form and scale of the proposed duplex dwellings are consistent with the activities anticipated in the General Residential Zone.


The duplex development is consistent with the intended character of the area and will not have the appearance of overdevelopment or building dominance effects.


The design includes sufficient permeable areas and landscaping to maintain a green and vegetated appearance.

The proposal includes service areas that are fit for purpose and will adequately meet the needs of the future residents.


Formation of the parking and manoeuvring areas allows for all-weather use and helps to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties. 


The retention of permeable surfaces also assists with stormwater management by allowing water infiltration and soakage to occur onsite. This location is serviced by a large wetland pond to the south, which reduces the need for onsite infiltration to occur. The design of the site still has sufficient remaining permeable area and gardens that will allow infiltration during rain events, and rainwater tanks are also provided which capture rainwater and reduce the need for infiltration.