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A Large House

The building is designed according to “Vaastu” design principles, which is a philosophy of aligning human energy to the environment. Therefore, this is the reason, the entry crossway from the road which is a fixed point (North east end) constructed by developer has been swung towards the North west side, which then determines the way the building is sited on the subject site. The choice of materials, colours etc are to do with energy flow for the upliftment of its occupants.


The intent to ensure nuclear family living is changed to extended family living structure. Currently there is a nuclear family consisting of two adult kids and parents are living as a nuclear family. It is expected the adult kids will be married and have kids all staying under the one building. A testimony of cultural living and reducing carbon footprint.

Any adverse environmental effects resulting from the proposal are deemed to be less than minor, or can be mitigated by the imposition of appropriate consent conditions.

The proposal is therefore considered to meet the gateways tests of Section 104D of the Resource Management Act, for Non-Complying Activities.

The application was processed on a non-notified basis and was approved under delegated authority without the need for a Council hearing.

Compliance with conditions relating to monitoring will avoid unnecessary site inspections being made (and inspection fees charged) by Council’s Monitoring and Enforcement team.

The stormwater condition will ensure that any stormwater effects resulting from the reduced permeable surface area of the site are managed within the boundaries of the site.