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Adding unit for Duplex

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout:

The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for intensified residential development within the Residential Zone, wherein such patterns of development are anticipated and provided for.

The site is large enough to comfortably accommodate the duplex dwelling units, including outdoor amenity and parking space requirements without resulting in a cramped appearance. The site layout provides for a spacious environment with open areas for on‐site planting which will be consistent with the pattern of development in the area. The layout will maintain a sense of space around the buildings and retains the existing dwelling facing the street to enable passive surveillance. Requirements for the formation of the parking and manoeuvring areas will allow for all‐weather use and help to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties. Compliance with the submitted plans will achieve a development that will maintain residential amenity values.



Both units are provided with off street parking and will utilise the existing crossing to Camden Place. The proposed driveway has a fully compliant formation width and a legal width that will enable safe and efficient use by the future occupants of both units.


Natural Hazards:

Councils Consultant Geotechnical Engineer has reviewed the submitted geotechnical investigation report and is satisfied that a requirement for confirmation at the building consent stage of a suitable foundation design will ensure that the proposal will not result in a significant risk from natural hazards.



The works will establish level building platforms that will maintain the existing site profile, thereby maintaining local character values. Proposed consent conditions will provide for erosion and sediment management. These requirements will ensure that no temporary adverse effects will arise.


Three Waters Infrastructure:

The proposal has demonstrated how efficient use will be made of water and how stormwater will be managed. Connections will be required to the public water and wastewater reticulation network and engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater (soakage) will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.



Having regard to section 104 of the Act, the actual and potential adverse effects on the environment of granting consent are acceptable as the proposal is consistent with the relevant objectives and policies and assessment criteria and will promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.