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Another granny and house into Duplex

The size and scale of the duplex dwelling will have no material effects on the existing streetscape amenity. Despite the failure of site coverage, the dwelling exists and there will be no change to on-site amenity for residents from what already exists. There will be no change to the existing streetscape and the change of use will be indiscernible for adjoining and adjacent owners and occupiers.


The duplex dwelling is provided with windows and doors that face the private roading network, that improve the streetscape amenity and provide for passive surveillance of the area. The design of the duplex dwellings will provide good on-site amenity to residents.

Adherence to the design guidelines of the Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications and current best practice will provide a means for achieving good engineering solutions for the whole of the development.

The proposed development is sustainable and any adverse effects created from the application are acceptable. Overall the proposal is consistent with the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act.