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Bdy Relocation at Rotongaro

The proposal seeks to relocate the boundary between three Records of Title in common ownership in the Rural Zone. No new titles will be created as a result of this relocation.

The actual and potential effects created by the proposal are acceptable because:

The proposal involves a boundary relocation between three existing records of titles and therefore no additional titles are created. 

It is considered that the proposed boundary relocation will not be discernible within the immediate and wider landscape environment and it is not considered to further compromise rural character in this locality, based on the extensive open space being maintained.

  • Due to topography, the curve of the road and the proposed lots being adjacent to one another, it is not possible to view all lifestyle lots at once thus preserving rural amenity. 

  • No lifestyle lots are located in close proximity to sheds or milking sheds where reverse sensitivity could be an issue. 

  • The proposal has been assessed by Council’s Land Development Engineer who is satisfied that the proposal will not adversely affect the safety and functionality of the roading network. 

  • Lot 1 is of a sufficient size to continue enabling the current productive rural farming activities; and 

  • Compliant building platforms and water supply, wastewater disposal and stormwater management can be sufficiently contained and managed within the proposed boundaries of Lots 2 and 3. 

The proposal is consistent with the objectives and policies of the Operative District Plan. 

The subdivision meets the provisions of section 106 of the RMA because legal and physical access is provided for and the applicant has addressed the risks of natural hazards through design and mitigation measures proposed. 

The proposal is consistent with the operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement, and all other relevant matters. 

Overall, the proposal meets the purpose (section 5) and principles (sections 6-8) of the Resource Management Act 1991.