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Container House

Applicant sought a land use consent to construct a minor unit as well as the associated earthworks and retaining walls at Thames Coast Road (State Highway 25), Whakatete Bay.

The 28.8m2 container style minor unit is proposed to be located at the rear of the existing dwelling facing toward the road and Firth of Thames. The floor plan of the minor unit includes a bedroom, open plan kitchen/living/dining area and bathroom.

Council was satisfied the proposal will be consistent with the relevant objectives and policies, of the Proposed District Plan; and that the activity will not be contrary to the purpose and principles of Part 2 of the RMA or any relevant provisions in a Regulation, Policy Statement, or Regional Plan.

Written approval has been obtained from those persons deemed to be potentially adversely affected by the proposal.

The character and amenity of the area reflects holiday homes and vacant land, typical of the wider Whakatete Bay area, being a mixture of different sized and storeyed dwellings and accessory buildings.

In this instance, the proposed minor unit will be separated from the existing dwelling and will be located in between two retaining walls. While the proposal does not comply with the requirements for a minor unit, the topography of the site does not allow for the unit to be connected to the main dwelling. As such, it is considered that the proposed location of the minor unit is appropriate particularly given that it is located behind the primary dwelling and is still reasonably accessible to it.

In terms of the wider environment, all performance standards can be met. Therefore, the visual and character effects of the minor dwelling will reflect that of other properties in the Whakatete Bay area and as such the character and amenity of the surrounding area will be maintained. Hence, the side yard encroachment and the accessory building size exceedance are minimal and as such any potential effects on the wider environment will be less than minor.

Overall, any effects in relation to character and amenity will be less than minor.