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Convert Garage to Residential Unit

To convert an existing garage to a dependent person’s dwelling (DPD) and construct a new carport in the Country Living Zone, where the DPD will not share an outdoor living court with the main dwelling. The proposal also results in non-compliances relating to a boundary setback encroachment, excess impervious surfaces and minimum vehicle access separation distance.


The proposal includes converting an existing garage into a 69m2 dependent person’s dwelling and constructing a 24m2 carport for the mother of the occupants of the principal dwelling, as she can no longer live alone and requires the support of family.

The existing garage is already located within the required 12m boundary setback from a neighbouring property, being approximately 5.1m from the southern boundary. The new carport will be approximately 7.5m from the southern boundary and will be directly next to the proposed DPD.


The proposal utilises an existing building, resulting in only a small reduction in the open space across the site.


The applicant has obtained the written approval of the adjoining neighbou whose boundary setback has been infringed.


While the proposed DPD will not share an outdoor living court with the main dwelling, the outdoor living areas are easily accessible through the existing gardens and this will retain connectivity.


Condition of consent will ensure that stormwater from the proposed impervious surfaces will be appropriately managed on-site, as confirmed by Council’s Land Development Engineer.


The proposal is not contrary to the objectives and policies of both the Operative and Proposed District Planning Documents.


The proposal is consistent with the operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement and all other relevant matters.