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Earthwork for a new House

The proposal is for earthworks (excavation) that exceed volume, area and setback at the boundaries of the site and is for the purpose of construction of a new dwelling. 

The subject site is a 591m2 vacant site. The site is grassed. The topography of the site is steep with a rise of approximately 7m from north to south over the width of the site. 

The properties directly to the north and south are also vacant. There are two two-storey dwellings located to the west. The area has been developed to Residential Zone standards. 

Approximately 410m3 of excavated material is proposed over an area of 330m2 outside the building area. Total area of excavation (including building platform) would be 537m2 over a total area (including building platform) of approximately 850m3 (un-bulked soil). 

Retaining is proposed at the boundaries of the site, as follows: 

On the northern side of the site a retaining wall to a maximum height of 900mm is proposed running along the length of this boundary, which is noted for Engineer design. 

On the southern side of the site, retaining is proposed, to a maximum of 2.235m in height, running along the length of this boundary that extends part way along the east and west boundaries. 

Further retaining is proposed under the proposed building, and extends beyond the house to the east along the front road boundary. This retaining wall would be a maximum height of 2.390m. 

A rock and planted finish is proposed near the entrance of the site, as designed by an Engineer. 

Overall, it is considered that the proposed earthworks and subsequent development of the site has been well-designed and would integrate the proposed residential development into the existing landscape and residential environment. It is also considered that the necessary engineering matters have been adequately considered and any potential adverse effects have been addressed and considered. Subject to adherence with conditions of consent, the effects are considered less than minor.