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Garage for a Farrari

The proposal involves construction of a 72m2 garage on top of an existing concreted parking area and as such no earthworks will be required. The site has an existing building coverage of 2.3% previously consented under LUC0182/21. It is proposed that with the addition of the garage, the total building coverage on the site will increase to 2.5% (995m2).

Overall, compliance with most of the bulk and location rules of the District Plan is (otherwise) achieved.

The proposal is consistent with the relevant objectives and policies of the Operative and Proposed District Plans.

Thebuildingcoverageexceedanceisnotconsideredtobenoticeableifviewed from neighbouring properties and can be easily absorbed within the surrounding environment given how small the extent of the infringement is.

Stormwater from the proposed garage will be appropriately managed on site.

The proposal will bein keeping with the  surrounding environment and will not detract from the residential character and amenity of the area.