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Mixed Uses

The proposal is to change the office and lab into two retail activities and an office. The proposal fails in some standards but the non-compliances already exist.

A Food and beverage outlets of 151m2 [10am to 9pm with 2 staff - 7 days a week] Likely to be a takeaway store such as kebab, Asian takeaway or pizza outlet.

A grocery store of 149m2; this could be a specialised retail, like Indian spices shop or a fruit and veggie shop [8am to 8pm with 2 staff - 7 days a week]

An Office of 249m2. Professional offices such as the offices of accountants, solicitors, architects, engineers, surveyors, stockbrokers, and consultants where a professional service is available and carried out. Maybe 15 staff.

  • total of six parking spaces will be made for the office activity onsite
  • appropriate signage will be installed advising visitors that the northern carpark is available for visitors parking outside office hours (being 5pm – 8am)
  • one loading bays will be provided
  • 2 carparks will be marked as staff parking at all time