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More Electronic Billboard

This proposal is to erect an electronic sign with an LED variable display billboard. The billboard will comprise a singled faced self-illuminated LED panels (12.1mx4.1m) fixed by poles to form a free-standing:

It is proposed that the billboard will be lit 24 hours each day, 7 days a week due to inherent LED properties requiring the variable display billboard to be powered constantly to provide for efficient operation. 
The proposed replacement billboard would have built-in daylight sensors that will be calibrated to meet required luminance values for day and night operation. 
The site will be equipped with automatic control that adjusts the billboard luminance to match the surrounding ambient light environment, and to dim the LED to meet appropriate luminance levels during the hours of darkness. To this extent, the billboard will be controlled so that the luminance is limited to 350cd/m2 during hours of darkness and 5,000cd/m2 during daylight hours, as is common with other LED digital billboard installations.