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New House with Gully Setback

This site is an established rural-residential area in the outskirts of Hamilton. This greenfield site consists of unmaintained grass and is situated adjacent to a well vegetated gully system to the south of the site.  A slope of approximately 20 metre vertical displacement is situated on the south-eastern aspect of the site. 

The pool size is 6.5m x 3.0m, depth varies from 1.3m to 1.8m; allowed 1m extra each side (8.5x5.0m) x 1.9m deep for digout:

A Land Use consent and a Subdivision consent were granted to establish Residential Activity and to create new Lot; now as Lot 4 DP 520264 of 5688m2.

It fails in the south down the gully, but no one is deemed to be affected by this minor infringement. The properties on the other side of the gully have large trees along the top of the bank so this infringement would not be seem by the occupies.

The privacy (building setbacks,) and overshadowing (height, height to boundary) standards in relation to the neighbors’ properties are not infringed significantly.

A small portion of the north-eastern corner of the garage is 4m from the side boundary but neighbor’s approval has been obtained.

The house will be within the 6m setback by5.071m (some 35m2).

The pool is 5.744m form the bank.