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One Duplex

The application site is located within the suburb of Hamilton Lake. The site a total site area of 641m2. The site is currently vacant of any buildings and structures. The site is largely impermeable and is accessed via an upwards sloping right of way before flattening at the top. Retaining walls are constructed on the northern and southern boundaries and the site and the surrounding environment slopes downwards towards the south. Vehicle access to the site is through an existing crossing and shared right of way (ROW) towards the east. 

The site is a rear site, which will be accessed via the existing ROW off Lake Crescent. The site is encompassed in a General Residential Zone and the wider environment consists of several Open Space Zones and an Industrial Zone further south‐west of the site. Lake Crescent is classified as a local road under the District Plan. 
The residential environment predominantly consists of single storey residential dwellings, a lower density characteristic of the period in which the suburb was developed. Upon looking at an aerial view, it is evident that some infill development of a similar density to the proposal has occurred on nearby sites, demonstrating that the proposed density will soon become commonplace in the surrounding environment. 

The application seeks to establish one duplex dwelling, which will result in two residential units on the site. Both units will consist of three stories and adopt a similar design to 109B Lake Crescent. The ground floor will contain double internal garaging. The first floor contains an open plan kitchen, living and dining area, one toilet and south‐facing balcony. The upper floor contains four bedrooms (including master with an ensuite) and an additional bathroom. The units will access the site via an existing ROW towards the east off Lake Crescent.

The proposal provides a high level of on‐site and off‐site amenity. The proposal has adequate indoor and outdoor living space which will have access to sunlight and be useable throughout the year. Compliance with all but two of the built form standards ensures there is visibility around the dwelling which contributes to a high level of amenity when the property is viewed from the street or by the owners and occupiers of the adjacent properties. 


The duplex design is consistent with the existing and expected character for the General Residential zone, and integrates well with the existing residential environment. The 
proposal is consistent with the surrounding area, provides visual interest and does not contribute unnecessary bulk.

The geotechnical condition will ensure that the foundations of the proposed dwellings are constructed to mitigate natural hazard risk including likely liquefaction occurrence on the site. 

The proposed development is sustainable and any adverse effects created from the application are acceptable. Overall the proposal is consistent with the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act. 

Adherence to the design guidelines of the Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications and current best practice will provide a means for achieving good engineering solutions for the whole of the development. 

Formation of the parking and manoeuvring areas allows for all‐weather use and helps to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties. 

Examination of the engineering plans and auditing of the works will allow Council to confirm that the engineering aspects of the work have been satisfactorily completed. 

The Engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.