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Subdivision Consents

Subdivision Consents

It is important to determine whether subdivision is permitted in your case by examining the relevant District Plan rules.

This will reveal:

  • the zoning that applies to your land
  • whether subdividing is a "prohibited activity" under the plan
  • what conditions apply
  • what discretion the council can exercise
  • specific restrictions on subdividing

It’s also likely that the District Plan will specify the minimum areas for the new subdivided lots. Often it will be necessary for you to consult a surveyor or planner on this question, like Gulab.

Project feasibility

This is the step where Gulab can use his skill and experience in deciding the best course of action for the project. This is an important step and the results should be able to guide you as to the feasibility of the project and most importantly, an estimate of the cost of the project.

An important part of this process, is to go through to obtain the correct address, contact details, solicitors details and the name of the entity the project will be run under. Also ask about site access and OSH matters, particularly for farm and construction projects.

The surveyor then

  • Studies the District Plan rules
  • Site visit and discussion with client, preparation of concept sketches
  • Auger test hole on building site
  • Prepare detailed costing
  • Prepare report for client
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Consents Management

Consents Management

Good planning requires a clear, forward looking strategy and knowledge of potential risks.

The "front-end" of many projects requires strategic thought and good planning to improve the likelihood of passing statutory hurdles, achieving quality goals and obtaining successful outcomes.

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Video Productions

Video Productions
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