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Dairy/Dwelling and Childcare

  • Location : Dixon Road
  • Council : Hamilton City

In brief the development will comprise:-

·       A childcare centre catering for up to 70 children with seven staff

·       A small local shop (dairy) with a GFA (gross floor area) of 100m2

·       A three-bedroom house which is integral with the shop.


Five parking spaces are provided next to the dairy and 19 in front of the childcare centre. The dairy and the childcare share the same one-way entry and one-way exit. Signage and roadmarking is proposed to reinforce the one-way circulation for drivers exiting the dairy and to prevent drivers entering the exit vehicle crossing. The entry and exit are both located on Cabourne Drive. One 6.0 m by 3.0 m loading space is provided which is formally for the dairy but will also be available for the childcare centre. The dwelling has a double garage accessed directly from Briannarose Drive.