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Variation to Consent Notice

  • Location : Hakarimata Road, Ngaruawahia
  • Council : Waikato District

The Applicant applied for Resource Consent (LUC0108/19) for a proposed house comprising three levels (Level 0, Level 1 & Level 2).  Level 0 requires cutting into the existing Building Platform and the cut exceeds 100m3 (District Plan Rule number 21.24.1).

The consent notice restricts the height of any development on this lot to a maximum height of 7.5m from the natural ground level. It seems that the height of the proposed dwelling will exceed this.  

The height of buildings is an important factor in maintaining built amenity. Building height is limited to a scale generally considered acceptable in the Living, Country Living; the permitted activity rule allows at least two storey buildings. Higher buildings may require further assessment as to their suitability, and a resource consent application is required. The 7.5m height restriction reduces the potential for buildings to dominate the environment, especially on the coast.


The challenging topography of the site limits the potential location for a dwelling, it is requested that the condition be varied by allowing the building to increase by 0.5m for only Level 2.

Variation was granted thus: "Any development on Lots 6 and 8 shall be restricted to a maximum height of 7.5 metres measured from natural ground level. Except for the portion of roof on the second level of the new dwelling to be constructed on Lot 6 which shall be restricted to the height demonstrated on the plans (attached in Appendix A) provided byArchitecSure; titled ‘Views for Resource Consent’; referenced A900; and dated 03/10/2018".