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Rural subdivision: one additional lot

The proposal will create one additional lot around a vacant allotment (with an approved building consent for a dwelling to be established within this lot) and a vacant balance allotment by of subdivision generally in the Rural Zone.

Lot 1 is the proposed new allotment, Lot 2 is the balance allotment and Lot 3 and 4 are the rear parcels which are held together under one Record of Title but given they are separated by way of a paper road are required to be identified separately and held together by way of new amalgamation condition.

The proposal creates a new allotment which complies with the maximum and minimum allotment sizes of the Operative District Plan. As such the proposal is considered suitable and appropriate and provided for by the District Plan provisions. The allotment will be located along the road frontage of Highway 22 but provides for suitable area where sufficient setbacks can be maintained to avoid any reverse sensitivity effects or potential for ribbon development.

Furthermore, the underlying parent site has an existing approved building consent for a new dwelling which will be located within the proposed new Lot 1 areas. The underlying site is of substantial size to be able to provide for multiple dwellings where the location of the dwelling within the new lot will not be noticeable change to the wider environment.

Sufficient provision has been made for legal and physical access to each allotment created by the subdivision.