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Visitor Accommodation

The proposal is to convert the 3 apartment units into a 9-unit Visitor Accommodation facility. The ground floor area is being altered to make provisions for carports. A total of 9 parking spaces are provided.

The application was assessed in accordance with sections 104 of the Resource Management Act 1991. This involved considering the proposal in light of Part II of the RMA, the relevant objectives and policies, development standards, and assessment criteria in the Hamilton City Proposed District Plan, the actual and potential effects on the environment of the proposal and any other relevant matters.

After evaluating the proposal against Part 2 of the RMA, it is concluded that the application seeks to redevelop land in a sustainable manner that is intended for the area, and minimise adverse effects on adjoining properties. 

The potential effects on the environment of the proposal to redevelop this site for this building have been addressed in this report. The proposal is considered appropriate for the area, and will be carried out in a manner that maintains levels of amenity and environmental quality that is considered appropriate for this established neighbourhood. 

The building is attractively designed, and it is considered that any potential adverse effects on the environment will be less than minor.