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The application is for a land use consent for visitor accommodation within an existing building which has been used as an office. The office use was approved under land use consent and has now been surrendered. The visitor accommodation will have 5 bedrooms and is designed to have a maximum number of 10 visitors, which requires 3 car parking spaces (1 per 3 visitors). 3 parking spaces are provided. Impermeable surfaces are proposed to be replaced with landscaping around the site. A service area has been provided for bin storage that is accessible to the transport corridor for collection. The proposal is clearly described and detailed on the plans submitted with the application documents. 


The visitor accommodation will be within a building (previously used an office activity) that already exists as part of the urban form of the locality. The residential nature of the air b and b activity will help sure the aural privacy to the surrounding residential area as opposed to the office activity. The site is also located next to a busy major arterial transport corridor which ensures good connectivity with the public transport.