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2 Duplex Buildings on Cambridge Rd

The proposed development plan for the Residential Zone aligns with the efficient utilization of land for intensified housing developments. The site is ample enough to accommodate the duplex units, including required outdoor spaces, without compromising on aesthetics or sense of space. The building's height conforms to local regulations and does not hinder the character or aesthetic of the surrounding area. Additionally, the development's location and design do not pose a risk for passive surveillance or negative impact on residential amenity. The parking and maneuvering areas are designed to ensure all-weather accessibility and maintain the amenity values of neighboring properties. Compliance with the proposed landscaping plans will also contribute to preserving residential amenity.

The geotechnical report indicates that the site contains low strength, potentially expansive, and liquefaction-prone soils. However, the council's consultant geotechnical engineer has reviewed the report and determined that, if the proposed Engineer Designed Foundations are implemented, the development will not pose a significant risk from natural hazards.

The proposal adheres to all relevant transportation standards for access, parking, and maneuvering, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the surrounding road network and existing crossings. The proposed earthworks will not alter the existing site profile and erosion and sediment management requirements will prevent temporary adverse effects.

The proposal also accounts for the efficient use of water and the management of stormwater to avoid negative impacts on existing infrastructure and the environment. Connections to the public water and wastewater reticulation network and engineering requirements for water, wastewater, and stormwater detention will ensure that the development is adequately serviced upon completion.

Overall, the proposed development is in line with the relevant objectives and policies, assessment criteria, and promotes sustainable management of natural and physical resources. As per Section 104 of the Act, the potential adverse effects on the environment are deemed acceptable.