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Land Use Consents

Land Use Consents

Once Gulab has worked out that you need a resource consent, he will need to gather together the relevant information.   

You can get an application form from the Council, Gulab can help you here.

Resource consent applications must contain, amongst other things, a description of the proposed activity and an assessment of effects on the environment.

The RMA outlines a few basic requirements :

  • A description of the activity for which consent is sought and its location.

  • An assessment of any actual or potential effects the activity may have on the environment, and the ways in which any adverse effects may be mitigated. Commonly known as an assessment of environmental effects, this is the most important component of the application. The Fourth Schedule of the RMA outlines the issues which should be covered in an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Any information required to be included in the application by a plan or regulations. You can find this out from consent authority staff or from looking at the plans.

  • Should also include a statement specifying all other resource consents you may require from any consent authority (and whether you have applied for such consents). This information enables consent authorities (if more than one is involved) to coordinate their activities and potentially deal with the applications as a package, thereby saving you time and money.


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