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Consents Management

Consents Management

Resource consent applications are processed through a number of stages including:


  • Pre-application meetings
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Are the adverse effects minor or more than minor?
  • Permitted Activity Baseline
  • Obtaining the written approval of affected persons
  • Application received by consent authority
  • Pre-acceptance checks
  • Administration Charges
  • Incomplete applications
  • Further information requested
  • Site visits by council officers
  • Decision made whether to notify application
  • Notified and Limited notified Resource Consent Applications
  • Special circumstances
  • Submissions lodged
  • Consultation
  • Request for independent commissioner
  • Pre-hearing meeting
  • Purpose of the hearing's/officer's report
  • Report writing
  • The time frames and processes
  • Decision made whether or not to hold hearing
  • The rules in the plan or national environmental standard
  • Hearing held
  • Decision made
  • Advice notes
  • Conditions placed on a resource consent
  • Financial contributions
  • Bonds
  • Consent notices
  • Covenents/encumbrances
  • Side/civil agreements
  • Duration of consents
  • Lapsing of consent
  • Cancellation of consent
  • Transfer of consents
  • Objections to decisions
  • Appeal lodged with Environment Court
  • Consent Orders
  • Power to extend time limits
  • Monitoring and enforcing resource consent conditions
  • Paying for monitoring
  • Type and frequency of monitoring
  • Monitoring of complaints

This diagram prepared by the Ministry for the Environment is a very generalised overview of the resource consent process. The diagram is intended to be indicative only and should not be relied upon. Direct reference should be made to the Resource Management Act and further expert advice sought if necessary.


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