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Hamilton removes parking requirements

Hamilton removes parking requirements
18 Feb 2022

Government removes parking requirements for Hamilton developments


Developers in the city will no longer be required to provide a minimum number of carparks from today, as Hamilton City Council implements a government directive to remove the rule from its District Plan.

Under the National Policy Statement on Urban Development, central government has required many councils to remove requirements for minimum carparking spaces from District Plans by 20 February this year.

That means for developments like new apartments, offices or townhouses, developers are no longer required to provide a minimum number of carpark spaces on site. On-site accessible car parking will still be required.

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate said she knew there was already concern in some parts of the city about streets clogged by parked cars and said this change would go down like a “lump of lead” for some people. But Council’s hands were tied.

“The Government is trying to rapidly increase the availability of houses as well as ensure councils provide more transport choices apart from private cars. I don’t necessarily agree this is the solution, but I acknowledge Government’s efforts to do something about the housing crisis. Saying that, we have relayed our concerns directly to government and we’ll keep doing that” she said.

“Some developers may still choose to provide on-site carparks in both residential and commercial developments because that will be what the market demands. But Council cannot force them to take that view.”

District Plan Committee Chair Councillor Ryan Hamilton said staff had been directed to look for every option available to counter the negative consequences of the change.

Options were being considered around how to manage rubbish and recycling bins on collection days, storage requirements for e-scooters and bikes, and design of footpaths and roads, he said.

“We know there will be consequences and we will do what we can to manage them. And we will continue to challenge government if there are ill-considered or unintended poor consequences for Hamilton residents as a result of government policies.

“At the end of the day, we need to acknowledge this will support more intense development in our city as well as Council’s aspirations around climate change and the provision of different transport options. It’s not all bad; we just need to see how it plays out.”

Further changes to the District Plan required by the Government will be notified for public submissions in August this year.

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