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2 Lot Subdivision Nawton

The application is for a subdivision consent for a two-lot fee simple subdivision with a concurrent land use application for the existing dwelling on proposed Lot 1 failing the permeability standard. No physical work is proposed, the proposal is simply a subdivision exercise to create a new boundary for the existing dwelling (proposed Lot 1), and a balance lot (proposed Lot 2).

  • Lot 1 will have a net site area of 494m2 (693m2 gross) and contain the existing dwelling.
  • Lot 2 will have a net site area of 2998m2. For this application it is being treated as a “balance Lot”, though it may be further developed in the future.
  • Access to and from Ben Nevis Place will be a 3.6m wide Right of Way providing legal access.

Character and Amenity:

The proposed scheme plan provides for lots of a suitable size and layout to accommodate the proposed land use activity and that acceptable levels of services are provided to each lot. The development will not give rise to any increased risk of exposure to natural hazards and will not create a need for the upgrading of existing or planned public infrastructure.

Any future development on Lot 2 and any associated effects will be assessed at that time.

Three Waters Servicing

The Engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed. Examination of the engineering plans and auditing of works will allow Council to confirm that the engineering aspects of the work have been satisfactorily completed. Councils Strategic Development have reviewed the application and are satisfied the proposal can be adequately serviced by Three Waters Infrastructure.

Designing and implementing a system for the treatment and management of stormwater runoff will ensure that people and properties are protected, and ecological values preserved.

Natural Hazards:

Good ground as per NZS3604:2011 was not found on site due to the organic material underlying the site, liquefaction susceptibility and slope stability issues. Councils Consultant Geotechnical Engineer has reviewed the submitted geotechnical report and is satisfied that provided the recommendations of the Geotech report (TC3 type foundations or other Specific Engineer Designed Foundations) are adopted, the proposal will not result in a significant risk from natural hazards. This is addressed by way of consent notice condition to go on the new Records of Title.

Legal/Physical Access:

Both lots will be accessed via the existing vehicle crossing from Ben Nevis Place which will provide for both legal and physical access to the new lots.


Subject to the above conditions, the proposal is not contrary to the relevant objectives and policies of the Operative District Plan.