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3 Duplex Buildings @ Dixon Rd

The design of the duplex dwellings will ensure that there are sufficient spaces on each site for residential activities to be undertaken on the site. The duplex dwellings will be designed to face the transport corridor, and the layout of parking will not be out of character with the amenity anticipated in the residential zone. The planting of vegetation in open areas in the front yards will assist in softening the built appearance of the site. 

The proposed Water Impact Assessment provided with the application demonstrates that the development can be carried out without impacting the existing three waters network. The proposal includes low flow fixtures to control water use and a soakage trench to manage stormwater runoff rates. This will help improve the quality of stormwater discharge on the site.

The site contains sufficient onsite amenities including permeable surfaces, outdoor living areas, service areas and parking areas. These areas break up the built form on the site and the permeable areas provide opportunity for landscaping to further enhance onsite amenity.

Formation of the parking areas allows for all-weather use and helps to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties.

Designing and implementing a system for the treatment and management of stormwater runoff will ensure that people and properties are protected, and ecological values preserved.

The proposed development is sustainable, and any adverse effects created from the application are acceptable. Overall the proposal is consistent with the purpose and principles of the Resource Management Act.