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5 Apartment units in Hillcrest

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout:

The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for intensified residential development within the Residential Intensification Zone, wherein such patterns of development are anticipated and provided for. The five apartment units are contained in one building that is orientated to maximise amenity of the occupants by greater access to the northern and western aspect. The building has been designed to incorporate exterior design that includes elements of modulation, exploration of recesses and projections which play on light and shading, a variety of cladding textures and colours. These elements combine to reduce the visual monotony of the building form.


Three Waters Infrastructure:

The proposal has demonstrated how efficient use will be made of water and how stormwater will be managed to avoid adverse effects on existing infrastructure and on the wider environment. Connections will be required to the public water and wastewater reticulation network and engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater (soakage) will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.



Having regard to section 104 of the Act, the actual and potential adverse effects on the environment of granting consent are acceptable as the proposal is consistent with the relevant objectives and policies and assessment criteria, and will promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.


Character and Amenity:

The subdivision will not result in additional adverse character and amenity effects than what has been assessed under land use consent: