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Another Billboard for Tauranga

Freestanding two-sided digital sign for advertising purposes

·  Attach a two-sided digital sign onto a purpose-built engineered billboard structure.

·  The pole will be 8.9 meters high with the total structing including the LED screens being 12 meters high.

·  The digital sign faces will be 9 meters wide and 3 meters high, equalling an area of 27m2 a side.

·  Digital nameplates of 1.5 meters wide by 1 meter high will be included on the digital sign faces.


The role of the sign(s) is to promote or draw attention to an activity, event, or product by a third party. The material advertised will be variable, based on client material. Examples include road safety messages from the New Zealand Transport Agency (‘NZTA’) and other promotions.

Overall, it is concluded that the soil disturbance associated with the establishment of the digital billboard described in section 2.0 of this Report is a permitted activity under Regulation 8(3) that complies with the applicable permitted activity regulations of the NES-CS.