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Change of Condition for a new house

To change condition 1 of a consent that allows for three dwellings to be located on a property. The change is to allow for the replacement of one of the three existing dwellings with a new dwelling.

Council is satisfied that the changes to conditions to update the date of condition 1 can be granted pursuant to Section 127 of the Resource Management Act, on a non- notified basis, for the following reasons:

That the changes are such that potential adverse effects on the environment will be acceptable and the scale of effects are not considered to be more than that which was originally consented to.


Thatthechangeswillbeconsistentwiththerelevantobjectivesandpoliciesof the Operative District Plan and the Proposed Waikato District Plan – Appeals Version; and

Thatthechangesmeetthepurpose(section5)andprinciples(sections6-8)of the Resource Management Act 1991.