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Dispensation from 5m setback

The proposal is consistent with what is anticipated for the area. The attached garage has a reduced building setback of 3.636m from the transport corridor. The garage is 
setback 5.2m from the formed pedestrian walkway which still achieves the purpose of the rule. The attached garage does provide parking for two vehicles which reduces the need to have stacked parking outside the garage, and recessed parking is available on the street for visitors. Considering detailed discussions that took place prior to lodgement when consideration was given to the previous building setback standards prior to PC6 amendments, the overall outcome is considered appropriate.


For the above reasons, the proposal is not contrary to the relevant objectives, policies of the Operative District Plan which seek to provide for a range of housing types and maintain the on-site amenity. The nature of this proposal does not trigger any further considerations under National Policy Statements and National Environmental Standards.