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To undertake bulk earthworks to establish industrial building lots for the future expansion of their business in a 4.618 Ha site. 

It is estimated the earthworks will produce approximately 60,000m3 total excess cut that will be required to be carted away. 

Concerns raised by NZTA included visual screening of the earthworks site from the expressway, questions about where the site’s stormwater will discharge, dust control and duration of the earthworks and all have been answered accordingly. 

An archaeological review of the Waikato Regional Council’s Geographical Information System indicated that there is no record of archaeological sites in the subject area. Furthermore, conditions will be imposed on this resource consent to ensure that any adverse environmental and archaeological effects will be no more than minor. 

There are three stages of earthworks to be carried out at the site including:

  • Stage 1 – Approximately 3000m3 by the present cattle yards, to be completed over a 2 month 
period and turned into a metalled hardstand.

  • Stage 2 – Cut into the bank and raise level at Redoaks Close side of the site – approximately 4 
months – Topsoiled and grassed. This stage will be undertaken during the 2020/21 construction 

  • Stage 3 – Onion Road / northern end of site. The timing of this stage will be advised at a later 

The overall proposal has been assessed in respect to its consistency with the objectives and policies of the Regional Council’s policies and plan, and the statutory provisions of the RMA. It has further been considered in accordance with section 104B of the RMA which has regard to the determination of applications for discretionary activities. Provided the works are undertaken in accordance with the application for consent and supporting documentation, and the recommended consent conditions in the attached Resource Consent Certificate, it is considered that the works will not be inconsistent with Council’s policies and plans, or the statutory provisions of the RMA.