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Food & Beverage - Wholesale retail

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout: The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for industrial and commercial activities. The buildings have been designed and built to blend into the interface with the development in the neighbourhood. The scale of the building is compatible with those of the industrial buildings in the area. Landscaping will be provided to the front of the site to soften the appearance od complement the residential environment opposite on Avalon Drive.

Functionality, Vitality and Amenity of Centres: The proposal will contain over 250m2 of non industrial activities in the form of four food and beverage units that total 340 m2 GFA. Industrial activities will be retained as part of the development of the site. Conditions of consent will ensure the adverse environmental effects on neighbourhood centres will be no more than minor.

Transportation:The proposal contains a number of positive design features that will encourage active travel such as cycle parking in a visible location, the removal of obsolete vehicle crossings and the construction of footpaths that will follow natural desire lines into the site While the proposal will result in some adverse effects in terms of traffic to the surrounding environment on this minor arterial road, these will be mitigated to a large degree by conditions of consent.

Earthworks:The existing site profile will not change. Proposed consent conditions will provide for erosion and sediment management. These requirements will ensure that no temporary adverse effects will arise.

Three Waters Infrastructure: The proposal has demonstrated how efficient use will be made of water and how stormwater will be managed to avoid adverse effects on existing infrastructure and on the wider environment. Connections will be required to the public water and wastewater reticulation network and engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater (soakage) will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed.

Overall: Having regard to section 104 of the Act, the actual and potential adverse effects on the environment of granting consent are acceptable as the proposal is consistent with the relevant objectives and policies and assessment criteria, and will promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.