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Four units and subdivision under PC12

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout:

The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for intensified residential development within the Residential Zone, wherein such patterns of development are anticipated and provided for. The application has additionally demonstrated ready compliance with the notified provisions of Plan Change 12, which incorporates the nationally-mandated Medium Density Residential Standards, including proposed mitigation standards.


The site is large enough to comfortably accommodate the units without resulting in a cramped appearance. The single storey building height also maintains a sense of space that is typical within the immediate area.


The arrangement and design of the units achieves an attractive appearance that enables passive surveillance of the street and internal shared right of way areas. Infringements relating to density, site coverage, and setbacks will not compromise amenity values as the development matures.


Requirements for the formation of the parking and manoeuvring areas will allow for all-weather use and help to protect the amenity values of neighbouring properties.


Compliance with the submitted plans, including the landscaping proposals will achieve a development that will maintain residential amenity values.


Natural Hazards:

Good ground as per NZS3604:2011 was not found on site given liquefaction potential. Councils Consultant Geotechnical Engineer has reviewed the submitted geotechnical report and is satisfied that provided the recommendations of the Geotech report (Specific Engineer Designed Foundations) are adopted, the proposal will not result in a significant risk from natural hazards.


Having regard to section 104 of the Act, the actual and potential adverse effects on the environment of granting consent are acceptable as the proposal is consistent with the relevant objectives and policies and assessment criteria, and will promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.


All lots will be accessed via upgraded vehicle crossing and right of way to provide legal and physical access to the new lots.