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HCC DC 2021-22

HCC DC 2021-22
13 Jul 2021

Council produced draft policies which went to public consultation for a month. There were 81 submissions across the DC Policy and Growth Funding Policy.


The main changes from the consultation document and the policy confirmed at the 4 May meeting are:

  1. Reduction in the CBD remission to 50%
  2. Included criteria for the CBD and high-rise building remissions
  3. Updated the Peacocke yield – DCs have reduced 12%
  4. Included new refund clauses


All other changes were in the consultation document, including:

  • 100% social housing remission
  • Inclusion of community infrastructure in residential DC charges,
  • Introducing non-residential caps; and,
  • Introducing a phased transition for residential charges


What does this mean for you?


CBD developments:

The CBD remission will now be 50% for buildings under six storeys and 100% for those six storeys or more. Those applying for either or both of these remissions will now need to engage with the Urban Design Advisory Panel process, and all residential elements will need to be LifeMark 4 star accredited.


If you intend to apply for a CBD remission, you will need to send your plans and relevant information to urban.dc@hcc.govt.nz More information on the Panel and what information you need to provide can be found here. You will need to engage with the Panel before lodging your consent. You will receive confirmation back once the engagement process is complete.


Lifemark rated homes are designed to be useable and safe for people of all ages. Engaging with LifeMark early in the development process will help to ensure that you can meet this remission requirement with little additional cost. Lifemark can work with you prior to resource consent to ensure your proposed structural and spatial layout, site plan, access, parking etc will meet the Lifemark 4 star criteria. They can then be engaged prior to building consent to ensure that detailed working drawings will meet the requirements. Once your development is finished, Lifemark will assess all dwellings within the development and issue a Lifemark certificate which includes the final star rating. You will need a 4-star rating to receive the DC remission.

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