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House/Granny into Duplex and then 2 lots

Character and Amenity and Design and Layout:

The proposal provides for the efficient use of land for intensified residential development within the Residential Zone, wherein such patterns of development are anticipated and provided for.

The site is large enough to comfortably accommodate the duplex, including outdoor space requirements without resulting in a cramped appearance. The single storey building height also maintains a sense of space that is typical within the immediate area. The units are existing and the application does not materially change the already existing appearance and as such ensures the proposal fits within the existing amenity for the immediate and wider locality.


Natural Hazards:

The site is located outside of any hazard zones identified on the hazard maps. The existing residential dwelling and residential ancillary unit have been constructed as per the requirements of approved building plans BC2013/30085and as such it is assumed that any risk of natural hazards have been addressed by way of conditions on the building consent (Ref: BC2013/30085). Council’s consultant geotechnical engineer confirms that there is no need for any further comments or conditions.


The proposal does not infringe any transport standards and as such the safety and efficiency of the wider road network and the operation of existing crossings will not be adversely affected as a result of this proposal.


No earthworks are proposed as no physical changes to the footprint of the building or the site layout are proposed.

Three Waters Infrastructure:

The proposal has demonstrated how efficient use will be made of water and how stormwater will be managed to avoid adverse effects on existing infrastructure and on the wider environment. The Engineering requirements for water, wastewater and stormwater will ensure that the development will be adequately provided with services when completed. In regards to infrastructure the existing water connection is to be retained for Lot 1 while a new water connection to the mains will be provided for Lot 2. The existing wastewater and stormwater connections in Highgrove Drive for Lot 1 and Lot 2 will be retained, with an easement being provided over Lot 2’s connections. Examination of the engineering plans and auditing of works will allow Council to confirm that the engineering aspects of the work have been satisfactorily completed. The system for the treatment and management of stormwater runoff will ensure that people and properties are protected, and ecological values preserved.