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Internal garage space as additional living accommodation

The proposal is for the amendment of Condition 1 to resource consent. Condition 1 identifies the source material, including drawings, that underpin the consent for a 10 unit apartment development granted on 13 May 2010. Consent was granted on a non‐notified basis.

The original consent provided for each unit to be constructed with a single internal garage space and an external parking space. The development was constructed as consented and the current application now seeks to alter Condition 1 to reference amended drawings which show the internal garage space for Units 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 being converted into an additional bedroom space and bathroom as part of an enlargement of each respective apartment unit rather than being capable of separate self contained accommodation. Each enlarged apartment will have a minimum of 96.9m2 habitable space. Externally, the existing garage doors will be replaced with panel infill and windows of the same design and proportions to those of the existing units. There are no proposed changes to Units 1, 3 or 7.

The external parking space for each unit is to be retained and there are no alterations to the location, dimensions or manoeuvring space for any of these spaces, including the external space for Unit 9 which was consented as an under sized space (reduced depth).

The amendments to Condition 1 will enable more efficient use to be made of the consented garage space to form additional living accommodations as part of existing apartment units. This will add variety and capacity to the housing supply and does not result in any new or increased level of infringement of District Plan standards which anticipate higher intensive residential activity within the Zone.

There are no other changes that will affect the form, scale or intensity of the consented development and no other consent conditions are altered.