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Land Use & Sub 4 dwellings

Bilimoria Consulting considers the proposal is in keeping with the neighbourhood's planned urban built character by complying the building height and alternative height in relation to boundary control standards. The proposed dwelling is designed to minimise adverse visual bulk and dominance effects to the wider and immediate environment by appropriate façade, roof and glazing design. Landscape planting is proposed to provide quality streetscape.

A 2,000 litre Bailey Slimline above ground stormwater detention tank is proposed for each dwelling, which will attach to the façade of the dwelling to ensure addition stormwater discharge will not affect the capacity of stormwater pipe and the watercourse.

No tree will be removed in the riparian margin. Effects by the structures with associated earthworks within the riparian margin is minimal and can be managed by appropriate tree protection methodology. The proposed replanting will enhance the ecosystem in the riparian margin.

Earthworks will be managed onsite taking into account the recommendations setup in the submitted geotechnical report.

Traffic safety effects by the non-complying accessway can be mitigated by the fence design within the front yard and installation of Convex traffic mirrors on site and front boundary.

In terms of positive effects, Bilimoria Consulting considers the provision of residential dwellings will utilize existing land efficiently and increase Auckland’s housing supply, without compromising the surrounding amenity or resident safety.

Proposed dwellings achieve the planned built character, being two-storey in height. Proposed dwelling 4 comply with the yard setback, front yard landscaped area, building height and AHIRB standards. It achieves attractive and safe streets and public by providing doors and windows facing to the street. Garage doors are designed to face to the internal accessway to minimise adverse visual amenity effect to the street. Proposed planting, roof and glazing design and variation of façade setback will mitigate adverse visual amenity, bulk and dominance effects to the street and adjacent sites.

Sufficient yard setbacks are provided at dwelling 1 to 3. The infringement of HIRB will have less than minor adverse visual bulk and dominance, privacy and shading effects to the dwelling and outdoor living area on adjacent sites due to the scale and location of the infringement and also the design of the roof, glazing and façade setback.

Proposed cut retaining wall on the front boundary is 300mm in height, which will not be visible from the street. The proposed low fence and planting within the front yard will minimise any adverse visual amenity effects by the proposed cut retaining wall. Only a small portion of deck with two supported deck timber posts is in the 10m riparian yard.

No tree is required to be removed within the riparian yard. Bilimoria Consulting considers effects by the construction of the timber posts are minimal as all arboricultural and construction related works including earthworks and implementation of tree protection methodology within the riparian yard will be monitor by an experienced arborist to ensure that trees in the riparian margin will not be affected. Native tree replanting and is proposed with the riparian margin to enhance the ecosystem of the area. Conditions are in placed to ensure above methodology will be implemented.

There is adequate capacity in the existing public reticulated water supply and wastewater network to service the proposed development. Above ground stormwater tank is proposed for each dwelling to maintain the existing runoff rate for the 10% AEP storm event after development to minimise effects to the capacity of the existing stormwater pipe and watercourse. This has been conditioned.

Bilimoria Consulting considers existing crossing and accessway to the northern boundary will be upgraded to serve the proposed development. One parking space is proposed for each dwelling. The proposed parking, crossing and manoeuvring space comply with the required standards. The first 4m of proposed accessway infringes the required gradient. To mitigate adverse effects on traffic safety by the infringement, fence within the front yard is proposed to be low fence to ensure the visibility. Existing convex traffic mirror will be repositioned within the front yard to mitigate potential traffic safety effects on site and to adjacent site.

Earthworks are required to form the building platform, accessway and parking area. Any land instability effects can be mitigated in accordance with the recommendations by the submitted Geotechnical report. Any adverse sediment runoff can be managed onsite by installing the sediment and erosion control measures in accordance with GD05.

Bilimoria Consulting considers any construction noise and vibration generated from the proposal to be no more than that generally anticipated by the plan and can be managed by implementation of consent conditions agreed with the applicant.

The proposed accessway width, parking and manoeuvring space complies with the required standards. Sufficient onsite manoeuvring space is proposed for each dwelling allowing vehicle exiting the site in a forward manner.

Therefore, Bilimoria Consulting considers the proposal is consistent with the assessment criteria of Section E27 will not create adverse effects on the existing roading network and pedestrian safety and adjacent sites.

In the context of this proposal for restricted discretionary activity land use, where the relevant objectives and policies and other relevant provisions in the relevant statutory documents were prepared having regard to Part 2 of the RMA, they capture all relevant planning considerations and contain a coherent set of policies designed to achieve clear environmental outcomes. They also provide a clear framework for assessing all relevant potential effects and there is no need to go beyond these provisions and look to Part 2 in making this decision as an assessment against Part 2 would not add anything to the evaluative exercise.