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New louvre roof

The applicant seeks resource consent to undertake additions to an existing two-story, 3-bedroom dwelling with an attached garage. The proposal involves the extension of the existing first story deck, new joinery and cladding along the east facing wall, new louvre roof over the proposed deck and associated support structures (steel posts and beam) to ground level.

The proposal will result in an increase in site coverage from 41.42% to 43.59% (164m2 to 175m2) exceeding the permitted standard of 35% by 8.6%. The steel support posts/beam will encroach into the side yard setback by 1.4m and the louvre roof and support posts will also infringe the 3m 45° HIRB plane. The additions will be located within the 5m setback stipulated under Building Line Restriction S110672 and the applicant has applied to remove the BLR under section 327A of the LGA 1974.