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RC Consenting ONLINE for Manawatu DC

RC Consenting ONLINE for Manawatu DC
01 Apr 2020


As part of our going commitment to innovation and making our doing business with Council easier we have put our Resource Consent application process online.

From today anybody requiring a resource consent can do so through our website, removing the need for visiting and bringing paper requests to the council offices.

This system is customer facing allowing applicants and agents to prepare resource consent applications and lodge them online.

There are definite advantages to being online says council's regulatory manager Karel Boakes.


“The advantages of the new system empowers the Manawatū District Council and our customers to work collaboratively and transparently, making the process easier and more efficient.”

The introduction of the electronic resource consent system is a natural progression from the successful implementation of the Simpli electronic building consent system.

 “The new system is a result of engagement with key industry stakeholders and the final result is based on the feedback received from these stakeholders following a pilot release.”

The benefits of this electronic application for the applicants are:

  • Convenience - applicants can lodge applications any time of the week and day
  • Reduced cost - eliminates the costs of printing documentation
  • Transparency - online tracking of the consenting process

“We appreciate that with any change there will be questions, so while the system is intuitive, customers are also able to contact our officers for assistance by phone or by emailing us.”

From 23 March 2020 no payment is required at the time the application is submitted.  Resource consent fees will be invoiced when the consent decision is issued.

To access the new system you can go to the MDC website and search ‘eResource’ or click here.

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