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Retrospective earthworks in Rural Zone.

The actual and potential effects created by the proposal are acceptable because;
• The earthworks have been revegetated or gravelled over mitigating potential erosion and sedimentation.
• Slopes have been contoured.
• The earthworks do not prevent natural processes such as t the natural flow of surface water to the gully bottom.
• Consent conditions will ensure that the earth worked area is stable
• The fill material is unlikely to result in sediment or groundwater contamination.
• No further material is to be deposited in the gully.
• The earth worked area has been restored to a state consistent with the rural environment and is now being used as part of the farming activities.

The proposal is consistent with the objectives and policies of both the Operative and Proposed District Planning Documents.

The proposal is consistent with the operative Waikato Regional Policy Statement, and all other relevant matters.

Overall the proposal meets the purpose (section 5) and principles (sections 6- 8) of the Resource Management Act 1991.