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Yet another Billboard in Tauranga

The site with a total area of 448m2 and is currently occupied by an industrial activity consistent with its zoning. The site is zoned as Commercial under the Operative Tauranga City Plan with the surrounding land also zoned for commercial and industrial use. The site is currently used in conjunction with Kennard Hire as an industrial activity consistent with its zoning.

The proposal is to install a freestanding, double-sided LED advertising sign on an engineered pole structure. The pole will have a height of up to 3.6m to the bottom of the screen, with each LED screen measuring 6m x 3m (18m2) on each side.

The total height of the entire structure will be up to 9.6m from the foundation. The sign will also include two additional digital nameplates, each measuring up to 1.5m x 1m referred to as ‘digital logo box’ on the site plan.

The sign will use the latest digital technology and reputable hardware, displaying variable advertising content, such as NZTA safety messages and other promotions. The ‘Proposed Plans’ included with the application, demonstrates the bulk and location of the sign.

Structures and buildings less than 10m2 in gross floor area (GFA) and that do not require a building consent are permitted as a ‘minor structure and activity’ within theFlood Hazard Plan Area. A sign does not require building consent as long as the design of the sign, including mounting and any foundation details have been carried out or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer1.

Overall, it is concluded that the proposed digital sign described in section 2.0 of this report is a permitted activity under the Tauranga City Plan and can be lawfully carried out on the site without a resource consent. Therefore, a certificate of compliance must be issued in accordance with section 139(5) of the Resource Management Act 1991.